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  • Skrivnosti magneticnega odnosa  (1 Dnevna Delavnica)
    Datum bo javljen naknadno (Covid 19)
    Slovenija, Lokacija bo javljena naknadno
    Skrivnosti ucinkovite komunikacije, zapeljevanja, moci besede, dotika, pogleda in giba. Starodavne modrosti v obliki prakticnih znanj.
  • Saloon MasterClass
    Time is TBD
    Magnetise Your Life
    Sensual Visual Experience where You will sense the Art of Touch, the Magic of Pleasure and the spark of Magnetic Sensual Dance Vibes. Experience it as an Observer. As a Student. Can be attended as a Couple or Single.
  • The Art of Seduction
    Time is TBD
    Magnetise Your Life
    Group Workshop where You will master the Art of Seduction, magnetise Your Relationship, learn in practice how to talk and act with Your Partner to spark and spice up Your Life. You can attend as a Couple or alone.
  • Skrivnosti Zapeljevanja (7 Tedenska Online Delavnica)
    Thu, Mar 17
    6 Tedenska Online Delavnica
    Umetnost in moc zapeljevanja. Zakaj je tako zelo pomembna in kako lahko vpliva na nase odnose in uspesno delovanje v zivljenju.
  • Skrivnosti Magnetizma (7 Tedenska Online Delavnica)
    Thu, May 06
    7 Tedenska Online Delavnica
    Kako delovati magneticno in kako uporabljati magnetizem za kreiranje tega, kar si zelimo. Na vseh podrocjih zivljenja. V vseh tipih odnosov.
  • Skrivnosti izjemnih odnosov  (10 Tedenska Online Delavnica)
    Thu, Jan 21
    8 Tedenska Online Delavnica
    Kako sokreirati kvalitetne in izpolnjujoce odnose. Na vseh podrocjih.
  • How to have an Amazing Relationship
    Sat, Jul 18
    Online Coaching Session
    Practical Advice for Women and Men on how to make it happen.
  • Health System Diagnostics
    Mon, Apr 20
    Online Diagnostics and Healing Session
    2 Online Sessions of 60 Minutes Therapeutic Overview of Your System with one of the most renowned Health Practitioners from Kamchatka. Physical and Mental detailed Insight into Your Body's Main Functions. The Date and Time of Sessions is scheduled upon Your Request. Tailored to Your Needs.
  • Personal Private Workshop
    Mon, Nov 25
    Magnetise Your Life
    One on one Private Session to (re)establish Your Partnership and Your Life. Practical Techniques in order to spice up Your Life and deepen Your Personal Connections. Highly Personified tailored to Clients specific Needs and Demands. Attend as a Couple or Single.
  • Online Private Workshop
    Mon, Nov 25
    Magnetise Your Life
    One on one Online Phone Consultation for Couples or Singles.
  • Healthy LifeStyle Online MasterClass
    Wed, Jun 12
    5 Hour MasterClass on how to incorporate Healthy Habits into Your Daily Routine to start optimising Your Life Achievemnts.
  • High Performance Achievement Program
    Tue, Jun 04
    High Performance Achievement Program is a 5 Day 1/1 Program for People who want to level up their Life Achievements. Start living Your True Potentials. Reset Your Life, (re)establish Your Healthy LifeStyle Patterns, and incorporate them into Your Daily Routine.

High Performance Demands High Maintenance.


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