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Updated: May 13, 2020

Moving in the opposite Direction.

  1. counterclockwise /kaʊntəˈklɒkwʌɪz/

  2. adverb · adjective adverb: counterclockwise; adverb: counter-clockwise; adjective: counterclockwise Moving in the opposite Direction to the Way in which the Hands of a Clock move round; anticlockwise.

"What are You talking about?" You might ask me again.

"The Corona Virus Situation. What my Suggestions what to do, and how to act, would be." my Answer would be.

Just as an Idea what can be done. Not only in these Life Situations, in general.

What do You mean?

Have You noticed the Fact we are prone to do the Things the Majority does? Have You noticed that the Crowd influences the Individual?

We are built to survive. The most reliable Thing to survive is cooperation, and being a Part of the Pack, the Crowd or the System. This is built into our DNA. Nothing is wrong with it.

I am not claiming we should not connect and help each other, quite on contrary. What I am saying is, sometimes we have to do some of the most obvious Things, a bit differently.

A "Bit Different" is where the Secret lies.

We are still respecting the basic Safety Precautions, and Government Guidelines. I urge You to do that. Nevertheless, we could do some of the Things in a Way, others won't.

It's just an Idea. We might try it out.

What are You talking bout? How do I do it differently?

The Term Counterclockwise literally means "in the opposite Direction of a running Clock".

If I put it into other Words, it could mean ... When everyone goes left, You go right. Not because You are an Anarchist, a Rebel or You do not oblige the common Sense Rules and Guidelines, but because You are different, and You can have a bit of a different Perception compared to everyone else. While others don't. They usually don't.

When we stand too close to the Things, we can not see the entire Picture. It is impossible.

The Majority of the People do not see the whole one. Not only in the Situation with Corona Virus, but everywhere in general.

They do not even try to objectivise, they do not try to see a different Perspective, they do not think.

But You should. It is what I am talking about. You should, cause You can.

Therefore what my Idea would be ...

Try to do the Things, You have done in the Past, a bit differently from now on. For example ... If everyone goes to the Store on Friday to buy Groceries for the Weekend, You do that on Sunday lunch Time. Yes, You've read it correctly ... Sunday Lunch Time. No one goes to the Grocery Store at that Time.

It's the Time, everyone in the Past went out and ate Sunday Lunch together. Am I right?

If everyone thinks the best possible outdoor Hill to hang out, would be the one, You usually went to, I would not suggest it. And as a Part of the new Safety Guidelines, we can not even hang outside, therefore this is not even an Option at this exact Moment.

If everyone thinks they need to do something at this specific Period of Time, I would suggest You do not. If You think this is the Time to reevaluate Your Vision, I would disagree.

Remember, we are headed into the Period of Darkness. Not an Emotional Darkness, but headed into a Hibernating Mode. A Winter Time. This is not the Time and Place to "see through". We do not see best in Darkness. Do we?

On the other Side, we can observe. From a Distance. In a passive State. Like a Lion, observing his Prey.

This is the Time to "nurture Yourself", nevertheless You do not know, where You are headed. The Time to hibernate. To sleep. To meditate. To read. To make Love. To indulge in every single little Thing You haven't before.

Do not get me wrong. If You feel like being active, be. Do whatever feels right. The Thing I am implying is, You do not need to see it all clearly, at this exact Moment. No one really does.

When there is dark, we sleep. We rest. We regenerate. We nurture ourselves.

We are not conquering new Territories, we are not seeing through. We do try to see the big Picture, but we are not as active, as we could be.

We are in a state of observing. An Observer Mode. Remember ... the more we stand further away from the Things around us, the less we play the Game, the more we see.

Step one Step back, to step three further

When everyone would be panicking, I would observe. When everyone would be talking about the Virus, I would think about my Stuff. When everyone would be doing one thing, I would do the opposite. Not every Time and not all the Time, do not get me wrong, but as much as possible.


I never liked going to the Seaside every Friday afternoon, when all of the City, where I lived, would hang there. It would be like the same Vibe in a different Place.

When I change the Place, I change the Vibe as well. As simple as that. And You can not do it like I've mentioned it above. I can't.

I never liked the Crowd. The Music Concerts would be the exception. It goes Hand in Hand with the Vibe.

Outside of the Box

Try to be creative. You can be. If when, then now. You will have that Time, sooner or later. Try to think of a more creative Way to do something. Try to think outside of the Box.

Corona Virus
Thinking Outside the Box

When every single Person thinks about and looks the Stuff on the left, turn right. It might help You broaden Your Horizons. It might help You see more. It might help You see the whole Picture. It might help You see a Solution, where there seems none.

The most powerful Wisdoms lie in Simplicity.

If the Solutions can not be found on the left, search on the right. The most powerful Wisdoms lie in Simplicity.

You against the World

The only hope of mine, at this Point would be, there would not be so many People out there who would read my lines and sync with them ... since there is one Rule ...

... every single Thing I wrote above, is only valid, when You do the Things differently as every one You know. Therefore, this is not something You are sharing. Something You are talking about. Not at all.

Corona Virus

If every single Person out there, would read the Lines up there and agree with them, there would be no chance of applying the Theory in Practice. The Theory would not stand a Chance.

As simple as that.

But, at this Point, I think we do not need to worry about that Stuff.

Let's think about Corona a bit more ... (a wink)

We will have a lot of Time to do that.

Angelina A. Rinaldi

High Performance Coach

Holistic Health Practices

Published Author Founder of The Secret of Life, Holistic Health Clinic

(read the last Paragraph as the comic View of the Real situation, I practically laughed all the Way, as I was writing it. Take it as it is ... Written with a Funny Note.

Nevertheless, do not mix it with my underestimating the real Economic Effects this Pandemic will have. There is nothing to laugh there.)

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