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Control Freak

Updated: May 13, 2020

Corona Virus. The World stopped for a while. Can we do anything about it? No Options to completely control the thing. Not in an conventional Way. Not possible.

Am I wrong if I say, we would all like to have a Feeling, we have a bit more Control over what is happening? I dare to say, I am right.

Even the false Feeling of "having it under Control", is a calming Thing. But how to have it?

Change the Perspective

Change the Way You look at Things. Not every single Thing, that looks bad at the first Glance, can really be bad. Some of them are beneficial.

Let's take the current World Situation under the Microscope. It sounds devastating. Sad. Fearful. Strange. New.

On the other side, it opens up a Window of Opportunities. It gives us Time. The Time for everything we haven't had before.

It opens up the Time for us. As simple as that.

That sounds like we have it under Control, doesn't it?

Let Go

Letting go is the highest Form of Trust. It enables us to be more relaxed in the current Situation. Nevertheless what that Situation might be.

I never said it is easy. But it sure is worth it.

Trust is the Base of every single Thing on Planet Earth. Every single one. If we trust, we can surrender. If we trust, we can relax. If we are relaxed, we can enjoy in every single Thing around us.

If we are relaxed, we are healthier. Happier. Joyful. Lovable. Loved. Blessed.

If we are in a State of High Emotional Vibrations as mentioned above, we can do anything we set our Minds to. It is easier to do it. Much easier.

This sounds like we have it a bit more under Control, doesn't it?

What would I suggest we do?

Change the Perspective.

Either the Glass is half empty, either half full. Depending on how You see it. You decide.

Learn to trust. It will enable You to reach further than You have ever imagined. It will bring You the People in Your Life, that will be trustworthy. It goes Hand in Hand.

I never said You can not make a wrong Decision, but You will make much more of them, when trusting the Process.

Is there anything else?

It is.

Remember one sole Thing ... there is only one Person on this World who has the Majority of the Answers that are important to You. The Person that feels You. The Person that feels Your Essence. There is only one Person out there. One single one.

Would You guess who that might be?


Angelina A. Rinaldi

High Performance Coach

Holistic Health Practices

Published Author

Founder of The Secret of Life, Holistic Health Clinic

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