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How to have an Amazing Relationship

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Practical Advice for Women and Men on how to make it happen.

We have spoken about the Secrets of the Quality of our Relationships before. Today, we will touch the Practical Aspects on how to incorporate this into Your Life.

How to have an amazing Relationship with Your Partner, Spouse, Friend and Co-Worker. It represents the Difference between having a Quality Successful Rich Life or a mediocre, stressful one.

What can we lean on?

A Woman's Monthly Cycle. Different Phases of the Month that impact the Way Women feel and act.

Different Ways of Communication at different Stages of a Woman's Cycle, that both need to be aware of.

Why do we need this as a Base?

It is essential for Women to know and understand their Monthly Physical Energy and Mood Changes. Women need to be heard. They need to be understood. When Women understand themselves, they can have better Relationships with every single People around them, not just with their Partners.

When Women understand themselves, it is easier for them to explain to others what do they want, how to be treated and when to retreat. It is easier for them to work synchronously with the People around them.

What does all of this mean in a Practical Sense?

Pleasant and compassionate Communication between a Man and a Woman. A Man will have a better understanding of his Woman.

A Woman will be more in Touch with her Emotional and Physical States, and she will be able to easily explain to her Partner, how does she feel at different Stages of the Month’s Cycle.

WOMEN: You will understand Yourself. You will understand Your Energy Flow and Your Mood Swings during the Month. You will be equipped with the Explanation on what to do and how to be treated. It will result in a clearer Communication and more Quality Relationships.

MEN: You will get the “Women’s Manual”. This will make it easier for You to understand Your Partner, co-worker, Friend and other Women around you. You will understand how a Woman feels in a certain Parts of the Month and how You can approach and interact with her.

What to do? Let's get practical.

Angelina's 4 Fingers Principle (4F)

Look at Your hand. I promise, You will have the Clues to read Your Monthly Feelings always beside You. Your Hand is the Clue. Your 4 Fingers are.

We will leave the Thumb out. For the Purposes of Your better understanding. In Chinese Traditional Medicine, it is responsible for all of the Cycles to flow smoothly from one to another.

The 4F Principle divides a Woman's Monthly Cycle into 4 Weeks (4 Units), that we will go thorough together. A mentioned, we are using our 4 Fingers to do this.

The Essence of the 4F Principle lies in a simplified understanding of the Phases of the Women's Monthly Cycle and has a Base in the Chinese Traditional Medicine. We will discover this together on our Journey. For more understanding, watch the attached Video.

The Basis of the 4 Fingers Principle lies in the Woman's Monthly Cycle.

We will use the 28 DAY CYCLE. Beginning with the 1st Day of Menstruation and ending on the 28th Day or the first Day of the next Period. Each of the Fingers represents one Cycle of the Woman's Month Feelings.

Where do we start?

With the first Drops of Blood. With the 1st Day of Menstruation. I have to mention, we Women start feeling a bit more tired and sensitive a few Days before this 1st Day, but for the simplicity of the Explanation, and if You are new to the Concept, we will start with the 1st Day. The best Analogy for a Woman's Feelings at this Point is the smallest (the little/pinky) finger. It represents the Part of the Month with the lowest Energy Levels. Let's dive in.

The smallest Finger


Phase Name: Menstruation (Bleeding Time, The Period)

How does a Woman feel? Extremely sensitive, crying and could be tired or anxious.

Time of the Year as Analogy: Winter (Hibernating Mode)

What must she do? Rest, relax, rejuvenate, read a Book, meditate, chill, take a Day OFF and do whatever feels right.

Moon Phase: New Moon

Tip for Men: Leave her alone or fully support her.

Ring Finger


Phase Name: Follicular

How does a Woman feel? Full of Energy, playful, like a Teenager, powerful, focused, productive.

Time of the Year as Analogy: Spring (Sprouting, Creation, New Beginnings)

What must she do? Execute on all You haven't till now, make plans for the Future, solve Problems and Conflicts with ease.

Moon Phase: First Quarter

Tip for Men: You can play with her like You do with Your Male Friend Counterparts. Ride the Wave of her focused productive playful Energy. If when, then now the high-intensity or strength Training will be the right Option for the two of You.

Middle Finger


Phase Name: Ovulation

How does a Woman feel? A Woman in the closest sense of the Word, sensible, feminine, sensual, magnetic and full of Life. She can solve Problems in a more feminine Way. If wanting to conceive is on the Menu, this is the Time of the Month.

Time of the Year as Analogy: Summer (Blossoming, Peak of the Year)

What must she do? Enjoy in Your feminine Senses.

Moon Phase: Full Moon

Tip for Men: Take advantage of her feminine Nature, indulge in her Seduction Spells, enjoy with her.

Pointing Finger


Phase Name: Luteal (Premenstrual Phase)

How does a Woman feel? Strong, productive, at the same time sensitive, rough, irritable.

Time of the Year as Analogy: Autumn (Falling Leaves and pre-Winter Mode)

What must she do? Schedule Things, organise, clean and slow down a bit. Do not enter the Conflicts if possible.

Moon Phase: Last Quarter

Tip for Men: Step back. Let her tailor everything she decides to and leave her make the choices, give her strong Support, there is no sense in going against her at this Stage, show her that You are on her side.

Final Instructions

An important Note at the End, I would like to emphasise, would be ...

If a Woman does not rest enough from the End of the 4th to the middle of the 1st Phase (from Premenstrual period, through the first Drops of Blood, till around the 3rd Day of Menstruation), she will not have enough Energy to be in her full Operational Mode in the 2nd Phase. She will not be herself as a Woman in full Sense in the 3rd Phase and will be too aggressive, restless, anxious and moody in the 4th Phase. Keep that in Your Mind. She needs to rest when her Body needs it. When there is Time to rest, she should rest.

FOR WOMEN: Start observing Yourself.

FOR MEN: Ask Your Partner what Day of the Cycle she is in and observe her, start using Your 4 Fingers.

The Fact that You understand and support her, will mean the World to her. It will change Your world too. You can bet on that.

The Secret of having amazing Relationships with the Women around You lies in Your understanding of them. You will be able to act accordingly.

The Secret to establishing Quality Relationships lies in Understanding each other.

Women, with the Notion that we are not in a toxic and unhealthy Relationship, and with the Fact in our Mind, that I have suggested You to talk with him about You, Your Feelings and Your Perspective during the Month, through the majority of the Book in front of You, I would like to suggest one last Thing.

One Day, when being in a cool, relaxed Vibe, doing something fun together, I would ask my Partner ...

»Love, tell me one Thing ... If You could choose from one or two Things, what would be that one Thing, You would absolutely love, that I can do for You?

You can choose anything You think of. Anything in the whole wide World. One or two Things, that I can do for You and would make You feel special, loved, appreciated or desired. What would make You feel like a Man?

If You choose one or two, that are really important to You, I could try to make it happen. Actually, I will do everything in my Power, to do so. Your Wish is my Command.

How does that sound to You, Love?«

»Are You serious Babe?« he might ask You.

»Could not be more serious, Love.« I would answer. »I am listening, Love. Tell me all about Your Wishes and Desires. Even the most secret ones. I'd love to hear all about them. If I can make one happen for You, I will do it.«

My dear amazing and beautiful Woman, there is one Thing, You have to have in Your Mind ...

Men like to be in charge. They like that Feeling. They are Hunters. Decision Makers. Protectors. Providers. Not all of them, don't get me wrong. Nevertheless, it is their Essence.

If they are Alfa Males, they are Leaders. One of the Things, they love the most is the Fact, we acknowledge that. That we acknowledge all their Roles, written up there.

If we acknowledge them as Men, they will give us, what they are best at. Protection. Affection. Power.

If we have that, we Women can thrive. Women can thrive, when feeling protected, secured, loved, appreciated, adored, understood and nurtured.

A Man will finally get his Woman in a true Sense, as he will get what means the most to him (whatever that might be), and a Woman will have her Man in a true Sense. She will get whatever her Desires will be. I can bet on that.

You both get each other. I give You something that means the World to You and You give me something that means the World to me.

We both thrive. Wouldn't that be the point? A thriving supportive and harmonious Relationship.

Is there anything else I need to add? No. You have it all. Trust me.

Angelina A. Rinaldi High Performance Coach

Published Author Founder of The Secret of Life, Holistic Health Clinic

Women in Menopause: Observe the Lunar Cycle, where the Full Moon is the Ovulation Time, and the Empty Moon is the Period of Menstruation.

The Empty Moon is followed by the rising of the Moon in the form of the letter D to fullness (Ovulation) and the fall in the form of the letter C, to the Empty Moon again (Menstruation).

References: Chinese Traditional Medicine Mantak Chia

Savina Atai

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