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I Can Have it All

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

You choose the Field.

Do You believe this? If You don't, it's not true. It does not apply. It's not possible. It can not be done.

But if You do believe in it ... You can literally have it all. Not necessarily in the exact Form You choose, but in one or another that suits You as well, for sure.

How does this work?

It could not be more simple. First, You have to know, feel and be absolutely sure, You deserve it. Yes, You have to believe You deserve it. You have to believe in Yourself.

A lot of People have Problems with this one ... a lot. More than You know. People do not believe they deserve it.

What are we talking about?

Can I have the Man, I think I deserve? Yes, You can.

You just have to be sure, You can offer what You expect. You have to know Your Value. Yes, You have to. You have to know, what You bring to the Table.

An amazing intimate Relationship You want to attract, demands You being able to be intimate. Attracting an emotionally stable, consistent and trustworthy Man, demands You being emotionally stable, consistent and trustworthy. Attracting an Alfa Male, demands You being an Alfa Woman.

It goes on and on ... it encloses every single Aspect of Your Life. Every single one. Whatever You desire and want to attract, You have to work on it.

Create what You want to attract

If You want to attract more Money, start having a Relationship with Him. Yes, with Money. A Relationship with Money. Money is a Masculine Energy. Start working on Yourself. What would a Man, pardon ... what would Money like? What would He like about You?

You being more stable, more disciplined, more consistent, more educated, more attractive, more healthy?

What would Money love about You, to come to You? Do You get the Principle behind it?

If You are working on Yourself, if You start creating Value for the People around You, Money will find You. If You create the Value for Your Future Man, he will find You.

If he will see the Value in You, whatever this Representation of the Value might be for Him, he will come to You. You will attract Him. Trust me.

Therefore, let's start woking on ourselves. Let's start diving into ourselves first. Let's focus on us. We have to do every single thing possible, that will enrich us.

We have to read the Books we think we need, we have to learn new Skills, we have to educate ourselves in all the Fields we think we need, we have to stay open for new Perspectives on the old matters. And we have to ... enjoy in the Process.

The Secret lies in Self Confidence

Therefore, let's take Time off to ... work on ourselves. On the Fields we choose. As simple as that. We will slowly get more comfortable with being better, doing better, feeling fuller and without Fear, and bringing more Value to the People around us.

Getting the Feedback, we are doing good, will make us more confident. We will become more Self Confident. A positive Spiral.

Self Confidence ... a lot is hidden here. Trust me. Money likes confidence. Men like confident Women. Not pretentious and vain, but simply ... confident and aware of their strong Points. Real Confidence opens a lot of Doors.

Self Confidence and Awareness of who we are, is attractive. But we have to build it. It has to be real. Real.

And then ... the right Man will find You. The Money will find You too, as You bring the Value to Your Clients or to the People You work with. Why? Cause You are valuable.

You already are, don't get me wrong. But this Time ... Your Value increased. And People sense that.

But the most important Fact is ...

Now You know it.

Angelina A. Rinaldi High Performance Coach

Published Author Founder of The Secret of Life, Holistic Health Clinic

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