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Do You Ever Have a Bad Day?

Updated: May 13, 2020

Do You?

The Day where nothing goes according to Plan, where everything You touch falls apart, where You physically don't feel well, focused and in the Zone?

Perhaps it's only one of the Things I've mentioned above that does not align in Your Day, and nothing goes well.. All falls apart.


The Day where You feel tired, You lack will to do the most simple Things, You struggle with normal Chores, not even mentioning the complex Life or Business Decisions.. It is as close as impossible to make any of the complex Things done. As simple as that.

So, do You know what I am talking about? If my Predictions are correct, I think You have a clue.

Why am I mentioning it? Cause there is not a single Human Being on this World, who wouldn't have a Day, Days or Periods in their Life feeling like this.

Why am I mentioning it today? Cause I have one. Just now. At this exact Moment. Yes, You've read it correctly. At this exact Moment.

Why do I even bother mentioning it? Cause I want You to know, that even the strongest, the most fearcefull, passionate, motivated, driven, focused People on this Planet, with their Vision as clear as the brightest Sky, have one. The bad Day. The bad Moment. Plenty of them.

They do. I do. We all do. As simple as that.

How do I feel? Exactly like I've written at the beginning of this Article.. Everything I touch, turns into something not planned, everything I plan, does not go through, everything I predict, comes out different, everything I want, turns out to be something not being worth wanting.. Not to mention I feel tired. Really tired. I feel like I am tired all the Time..

I could write or talk about these Feelings for Hours. And I will whenever I'll need it. Or whenever someone from my Clients needs it. We talk about them a lot.

But You know what.. I have talked about them more than enough. What I'd rather choose to do is..

..focus on a few good Things I am grateful for. Even though I can barely see them at this exact Moment. So, I'll try to dig deep Today..

You know what.. I'll write them down, to clearly see them.. Just to be sure they are true, and to have a better Chance to read through them, if I'll feel the same anytime in the close Future by any Chance.

So, here we go..

How to heal Depression

..I am grateful for my Health. I am truly blessed to be healthy. I am grateful for all of my 6 Senses. They make me feel connected with my surroundings, and in touch with my inner Self. I am grateful, and blessed for having a healthy, vibrant, cheerful, playful Child Enya. I am grateful for some of the most amazing People I have in my Life. They make me feel fulfilled, grounded, connected and are a true Mirror to everything I do. I feel grateful..

..You know what? I feel a bit better already. A tiny bit better. Not that this will solve everything I have on my Mind right now, but it will help me.. reset my Mind a bit.

Cause You know what is important in Life? It is not about always being perfect, always being in the Zone, always driven, always on Time, always leading the Way with Your clear Vision and Knowledge.. Nope.

It is not natural. It is not how it works in Nature.

In the Nature, it is perfectly normal to go outside, be driven, have focus, pick up the Veggies or catch that Mamut, bring it home, indulge in the eating, and then relax. Take some time off. Rest. Mentally and Physically.

That is why everyone is talking about Meditation for the past few Years. It enables You to step back, dwell in, reset, and enhance Your Senses, while restimulating Your Neural Brain Pathways. Your Senses are enhanced. You get an Outlook into Your inner, and outer Self. Your whole Picture gets clearer.

If always being perfect, in the Zone, driven, motivated, and in the best Shape, isn't what it's important in Life, then what is?

The Importance lyes in the Fact, how You cope with those bad Feelings, with not being in the Zone, with not being accepted, with failure..

..if You manage to get through the Tough Times, the bad Feelings, the Failure, the Depression, the not Acceptance, You will get through everything In Life.

Tough Times shape You. They make You. You need them to prosper. You need them to progress in Life. We all need them.

Fight for what You want in Life

Tough Times shape You. They make You. You need them to prosper. You need them to progress in Life. We all need them.

But how do we cope with them?

"You can talk about getting through those Feeling, and Circumstances Angel, but in Reality it's easier said than done, You know.." You could probably say..

I know.

That is why we are talking about it.

So, what do I do, when I feel like this? When all the Action did not pay off, and all the active stepping towards the Goal, gets me nowhere near close to the Goal itself, I just..

..back off a bit.

I take a deep Breath. I step back. I can not meditate on the Spot there yet, nevertheless I take myself out of the Picture for a while. I take some Time, doing nothing.

Road to Success

Which is damn hard sometimes, as I have a 3 Year old Child at Home.. So, I know and feel a few of the Concerns You might have. Being at the Office, at Home or somewhere else.. Sometimes it's just nowhere You can escape to. Literally.

How You bounce back after You've fallen, is the true Measure of someone's Strength. You've heard it probably a Dozen of Times, haven't You? A Life Truth.

When making a step back, taking a Nap, refocusing on some other "less important Task", resetting Your Mind will be much easier, and at the End much quicker.

Sometimes stepping back a bit, gets You closer than You might think.

So, what I am doing just now.. Have You noticed perhaps? ;) I am writing. Yeah, I knew I needed to tell You that one.. ;)

Therefore, next Time You don't feel Yourself..

Try to remember nothing is as bad as it looks just now. Nothing. Being grateful for even one tiny Thing in our Lives, makes a bit of a Difference. Taking some Time off, escaping, doing some other thing, going to the Gym, taking a walk, writing, making Music or just listening to it, drawing or any type of refocusing will all help. Trust me.

Actually, You know what..

..I feel a bit better now.

A bit. And I am grateful for that.


Thank You for helping me out here.

I needed it Today.

Angelina A. Rinaldi

High Performance Coach Holistic Health Practices

National Academy of Sports Medicine

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Certified Personal Trainer

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