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Updated: May 13, 2020

The World just stopped for a while ...

We were not asked to go to a Battlefield, we were asked to sit on a Couch for a while, correct? Can we handle it?

I suppose there are not many of us out there, who have experienced something similar to what is going on at the Moment around the Globe.

Perhaps a Grandfather or a Grandmother who have felt the Horrors of the second World War, and according to my Predictions, not many more.

Do not get me wrong, I am not comparing the struggles of our Ancestors to ours today, nevertheless there are a few Similarities.

Unexpected changes of Plans. Limiting Frame of Movement. Danger in the Air. Nevertheless, if it is a real or just an overblown one. It is. The Presence of Panic and Fear. Not knowing what the next unfamiliar Restriction in a Form of a Security Measure will be. What will it bring. Being anxious what the Results of all of this will bring in an economic or in a private Matter.

If I only number a few.

There is a severe Mental and Physical String attached to all of this. It can be devastating. Today, no one really knows for sure, what all of this will bring in a short and longer Term.

Can we do anything about it?

No. We can not.

We can not change the real impact of the Virus on our Lives. We can not predict with accuracy what might happen. We can not work like we have before. We can not socialise like we did a few Days ago. We can not. We can not do everything we want, the Way we want, at the Moment. We just can not. We have to accept it.

This represents the part of the current Security Measures, we all have to respect and oblige, to make sure we do all we can, to prevent this thing to spread.

Can we do anything at all?

Yes. We can.

We can self isolate. We do not hang out with Friends drinking Coffee in Bars and Restaurants, and we do not socialise on a nearby Hills, where every single Person these Days goes. You do not. Pick another Spot. Be creative.

We can wash our Hands. We don't need to be panicking about the shortage of the Food. It will not happen. It sure is a calming Thing, if we already have bought the chosen dry Food that can last, and we can have it as an Emergency. It sure does. I know. It makes us feel like we have it covered. Like we have a bit of Control left.

What else can we do?

We have already talked about it in one of the previous Posts.

Stop for a while. Take that Book from the Shelf. Breathe fresh Air. Pick a nonconventional Place, apart from that Hill everyone goes and I've mentioned before. Go for a walk.

Clean Your House. When if not now is the best Time to get rid of every single Thing that does not belong there. You will have plenty Time for that. Do it.

What else can be on Your Priority List from now on? What else can You do?

Make Love. Paint. Dance. Sing. Create. Move. Write. Think. Talk.

Talk with Your loved ones. Talk with Your Children. Ask them how they feel. Listen to them. We all need Someone to listen to us. We all need to listen sometimes.

More we listen, more we understand. More we understand, more we see.

More we see, more we feel. More we feel, more feel alive.

Gratitude as a Guide

Be grateful. For everything You already have. For every single little Thing You have. Be grateful. It represents the major Difference between being Anxious and being Alive.

Being grateful puts You in a State of a Higher Vibrational Patterns.

What else can we do?

Connect. First with Yourself. Search through Your Feelings, Your Desires, Your Wishes, Your Worries, Your Things, Your Needs. Dive deep.

Explore Yourself.

Then ... connect with others. Just connect.

There are a lot of People out there at this exact Moment, who might understand Your Problems, and believe me, they are out there. If when, then now.

Since some of them are experiencing exactly the same Things as You are. At the exactly the same Moment. Believe it or not, we are in exactly the same Shit together. All of us. And this is powerful, extremely powerful. Trust me.

As we are experiencing the same or similar Fears, the same or similar Vibrations, the same Restrictions, the same or similar Results, we can feel each other more. Much more.

We are here for each other. We can be. We are.

The Power is hidden there. Trust me. We are powerful when connected.

Is there anything else we can do?

Reach out. Talk about Your Fears, about Your inner Struggles, talk about everything that bothers You.

Someone will hear it. If when, then now.

You might be surprised how many of us out there, are here to hear You.

Angelina A. Rinaldi

High Performance Coach

Holistic Health Practices

Published Author

Founder of The Secret of Life, Holistic Health Clinic

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