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How to Get What You Want

Updated: May 13, 2020

Do You remember the Article, where we addressed how to get what You want with Your Child? How to introduce Your Child a Healthy Food Options? 

I hope You do. If not, You might find some valuable Insights on how to start with getting what You want. How to get, what You've set Your Mind to.

Let me just repeat once more.. If our Desires, Aims and Wishes are in direct dispute with Someone else's, You can not get over the Fact, that other People have their own Will Power.

We can never accomplish something, and we can not reach a true Success, if that goes over Someone else, and harms that Person.

So, what do we need to keep an Eye on, when wanting to accomplish anything in Life..

Listen to Your Soul

The Soul Knows.

Your Soul Whispers will unveil what Your Heart desires, what You are passionate about. Listen to those Whispers. Stay in touch with them. 

The only true Mistake, we can do in our Lives would be, not listening to our Core Feelings, our deepest Desires. It is like living a Life that would not be Yours. Like You would live Someone else's Life. Because it's easier, not so frightening, stressful, not so demanding, not challenging..

..but on the other Hand, it is also not.. so rewarding, exciting, joyful, playful, and fun.

Your Decision.

Kill Your Fears

Stop Feeding Them.

We all have Fears, Doubts, and Dark Moments. It is how we face them, is what matters. 

When we get swept with Anxiety, Self Doubt, when we feel worthless, we need to stop for a bit, and just listen to them. Feel them. It is completely normal, we have those Feelings, they are like the Darkness, that enables us to see the Light.

Without the Darkness, the Light is pretty useless. Isn't it?

So, now that You truly feel those Feelings, embrace them. Start breathing, and just say to Yourself: "It is completely normalI to feel this. Everybody feels this at some Point in their Lives.. In Reality, most of the People feel that Every single Day. And this is normal too."

Start consciously breathing. Make 10 deep Breath ins. With every Exhale, exhale the Feelings  of Doubt, Fear, Self Sabotage, and any other You might be feeling at that Point.

If You still feel like all those Feelings are going to eat You, after You have exhaled, stop for a while, and say to Yourself: "It is completely normal to feel like this. I am fine. Everything will be alright. Universe watches over me. I am not alone. Never."

You might not feel Your best in that instant Moment, but repeating positive Affirmations to Yourself every single Day, or whenever needed, will change the curse of Your Life.

Whenever I feel like not being myself, whenever I have Doubts, and Insecurities.. I try to remember I am not alone. And that everything in my Life is just as it has to be. 

Keep in Your Mind.. The Challenges were made for us to solve. They were made for us. If we would not be capable of solving them, they would not exist. So, next Time You are faced with a Challenge, try to think of it as a Compliment. Even though You might not like it at that Point. You don't like to climb that Mountain also, but the View at the Top can not be compared to anything else seen at the Ground Level.

Ignite Your Passion

What You Focus on, Expands.

As You are constantly talking with Your Soul, and being connected with Your Essence, not pushing away Your Fears, just eliminating them with breathing, and acknowledgement, Your true Passion will start to unveil.

When You are in a relaxed mode, connected with Your true Purpose, You will feel strong Feelings of Your Callings. You will start to feel what drives You, what ignites You, what Your Desires are.

Listen to it. Stay connected with those Feelings.

It is also perfectly normal, that You fall of the Wagon, and disconnect. We all do. Don't worry, it's a Part of the Process. 

The most important Part when falling off would be, to acknowledge those Feelings of Doubt, Fear, and any other, breath them in, and exhale them out. Don't push them under the Carpet, acknowledge them, and then push them aside. You know they are there, but You are focused on other things.

Remember.. What Your Focus on, expands. We do not want to feed Fear. We are feeding our Passion, our Calling, our Mission, we are feeding our Life Purpose.

It is the only Way. The only Way to be truly successful.

The Vision of Yours

Clarify it.

You were thinking about Your Drives, Passion, Your Calling till now. 

It would be a good Idea to clarify them in a written or Picture Form. For You to see them. The Vision is not mistakenly called like it is.. "Visio" means sight. You sure know that already.

We need to clearly see the Picture. Our Life Picture. The Desires, the Purpose, and the Calling. We need to clearly see our Mission.

What You can do here is a simple Vision Board. In these digital Days, You can simply take Photo Collage, and put together the Pictures, that represent what You wish for. What Your calling is. What You like. Anything from material to non-material Things.

I made like a 5 Picture Collages, when I first made them, as I could not put all on just one, to still be clear enough to see.

On one of them, there was a Book. I'll never forget it. How could I. I still have the Collage Picture, but most of all.. I am holding the Book in my Hands. I materialised it. I worked to made it happen. With the clear Picture, what I want, in my Head. 

You can not imagine the Feelings of Accomplishment, that will swipe You over, as You will start seeing the Things on Your Vision Board slowly starting to manifest. Indescribable.

Try it. You will see what I am talking about.

Take Action

A Vision Without An Action Will Stay a Dream.

Dreams, and Vision without Action, will always just stay Dreams. Just looking at that Hill Top, will never get You there.

Don't get me wrong.. You need to look at it thoroughly, make a Plan how to climb up, what to take with You, look at the Weather Forecast, predict whatever possible it is to predict, and sleep it over first.


When You feel like You have looked over almost every single Aspect, and prepared whatever needed to be prepared, to make a good Plan, slept it over a Period, You probably are ready.

Nevertheless, You probably do not feel like You are.

In Reality, most of the People never feel ready. You are not an exemption. We all felt like this in the Past. We all still do sometimes in certain circumstances.

This is the Point, where Your Self Doubt will start knocking on the Door, and kicking in.

It is important that You have Someone to talk to. A trustworthy Person, that You can relate to, take Advice from, feel connected to. A positive, and credible Person. Not Someone that will feed Your Fears, but the one that will ignite Your Passion. Help You remember why You started with all this in the first Place.

Remembering why You started, helps You stay on track, when You feel like quitting.


Reset Your Route.

Only if needed. To stop a bit. Step back, and to see the great Picture again. Sometimes all the Work just sucks us into small Details, daily Challenges we need to overcome.. And disables us to see why we started at the first Place.

Successful Life

It's like the Computer, that needs to be reset from Time to Time. Nothing special. Just keep it in Your Mind. 

It is also nothing wrong with the Fact, that You will perhaps need to change the Curse of Your Route a bit. It could happen, You will need to shift into a totaly different Direction. Nothing wrong with this one too. It happens.


Nourish Your Grit

It's That Persistence That Gets You There.

The small little Things You do Every single Day towards Your Goal, make the Difference. And if they are small enough, You will not have