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Mind Over Matter

Updated: May 13, 2020

Everyone is talking about it. It sounds like the New Age Mantra everyone is living. But do they? What does it exactly mean? In a World full of Physical Stimuli enhanced with the Emphasis on External Attributes, we sometimes feel overwhelmed with everything going on around us. Sometimes not feeling competent enough to meet such "high Standards".

I guess we have all, at some Point, came to the conclusion that we can not meet everyone's Standards, we can not be in favour with all People, we can not meet everyone's Expectations all the Time.. Therefore.. as we can not play it perfect, we might as well play it unique. Or perhaps better stated.. we just play ourselves. Play is not the best Term, I have to admit. You have heard it a Million Times.. Be Yourself, would be a better one. Why am I talking about it? Because being Yourself is one of the most simplest Ways to be in Touch with Your inner Essence. And being in Touch with Your Essence, enables You to dwell deep in to the Routs of Your Soul. You can be truly focused and centred only, if Your are in connection with Your Essence. What does that mean in Practice? Who am I? How do I find that out? Discover what is Your Passion. What is the one Thing (or more of them) You like doing. What drives You. What excites You. Where are You good at. I don't think You will need much Time to discover it, as You'll feel it. You will feel it. Your Drive. Trust me.

With just one simple Thing of finding that out, and acknowledging it, the alignment with Your Essence will start happening. The Process has started.

And then? Start doing it. A simple as that. Arrange Time in Your Day on a Weekly Basis, if at this Point more is not possible, and incorporate it into Your Life. Do that.

Simple? Sometimes not, as we are all overwhelmed with our Daily Life Tasks. But at the end .. it is truly worth it. You will feel recharged, and with much more Energy doing all those Day to Day Chores. Trust me on this one. Why are we asking ourselves who are we, if the Point of the Article is talking about Mind over Matter?

Because every Time You are aligned with Your Essence, knowing who You truly are, the easier it is to connect with that Essence. When You connect with that Essence, everything is possible. For example.. when You can focus on a Thing You truly love, Your Mind becomes calmer, You can relax in Your Thoughts. When You are actually doing it, Your whole Body relaxes, recharges, restimulates, reverses the Processes of Illness, Cell degeneration, bad Memories or Trauma. Everything You love to do, and are actually doing it, resets Your whole Being. Nevertheless this means playing a Round of Golf, diving, surfing, Bungee jumping, listtening to Music or singing, sitting on the Terrace or meditating.. This is where Mind over Matter comes into play. Whatever You think, You become. Whatever You focus on, manifests. Whatever You can imagine in Your Mind, becomes real. This is why, we are always stressing the importance of Your Mindset. If You believe something is possible, it is. You have heard this one a Million Times, too. Haven't You? When You can relax in Your own Thing, when You are aligned with Your Essence, You feel stronger. When You feel stronger, You can relax in Your own Being. Your inner Cycle is established. Being connected with Your Essence, enables You to Manifest the Things around You. If You are being in a State of constant Panic, and in a survival Mode, You can not focus on manifesting. It is not possible. Therefore, when implementing Mind over Matter Principle into Your Daily Life Practice, focus first on starting to enjoy Your Life. Whenever possible. Even if it means, You are doing it only once per Week for starters.

The stronger You think You are, the stronger You become. Focused relaxed State of Mind, enables You to get stronger, sharper, more consistent. The stronger You think You are, the stronger You become. People around You will perceive You in a different Way. The Way You decide to be perceived. You control Things. You are the Creator of Your Life. Through active manifesting. Through visualising what You want. The more You visualise something, more You will believe it can be achieved. So, next Time when You find Yourself for Example inside the Storm, keep in Mind that the Eye of the Storm is always a calm Place. What does that mean in our Case? Keep calm, the Storm will pass. It always does. The only Thing You need to focus on, is Your Mind stillness. Conscious breathing helps You keep Your Mind calmer. Counting breath-ins for example is a Way to do it. Your Mind (co)creates everything. If You manage to stay focused, calm and inside Your Vibes, You will reach far more, than You can ever imagine. Nevertheless, don't forget.. believing it, will help You reach it quicker. Trust me. Angelina A. Rinaldi

High Performance Coach

Holistic Health Practices

National Academy of Sports Medicine

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