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How to Establish a Magical Bond with Your Child?

Updated: May 13, 2020

Can Food Connect us? It can.

So, let's try to use Healthy Food to help us with this Mission of ours.

I am not an artistic Type of Mum, who makes Faces out of Broccoli in order for Enya or anyone else to eat it. Most of the Time, I am not in the mood for it. Who has the Time to do it after a long Day at the Job or behind the Computer when working from Home anyway?   It doesn't seem to me, that spending too much Time in the Kitchen, creates unbreakable Bonds. Well, not in the Real World of Mine. 

In my World, there were those free Moments of ours, when I just wanted to be with Her, observe what She was doing, and play with Her. I did not want to spend all the Time in the Kitchen.

Where to start?

Don’t get me wrong. The Time we spend in the Kitchen cooking together, is always precious, and bonds us. Nevertheless, it is not every Day I am in the mood for it. Sounds familiar to You? I’d guess so.

Therefore, I needed to find the Solution in the Form of something else that would be effective, nutritious and versatile. But most of all, it needed to be compatible with all my Standards, I’ve set for a Diet to be healthy.

So, what happened? I just went to the Groceries, bought the Things from the Shopping List You’ll find at the end of The iEat Book, and have put them on the Table one after another in a specific order, for me to enjoy in them. Yes, You’ve read it correctly. For me to enjoy in them.

I have invited Enya to join me at the Table. There were quite a few Things, She has never tasted before. She was observing me. I haven’t pushed anything in front of Her. There was not a single Thing at the Table, that She would need to eat.

What did I do? I started to eat. Pure and simple. Nevertheless, this was not just a simple eating behind the Table. It was a delightful Experience. A joyful Moment, where I expressed with my Mimics, Sounds and Words all my gratitude for this Food in front of me, how amazing it looks, and how tasteful it is. I was truly enjoying in it.

Your Children. They are Your biggest Admirers.

Where to continue?

What else did I do? As we sat at the Table, apart from enjoying in the Food, I have put all the Emphasis on Her. On Her Feelings, Thoughts, and Movements.

How did I do it? I have asked Her: “My sweet Lady Enya, how does this look to You? Isn’t it amazing? Look how I am enjoying in it. It tastes phenomenal! You should try it one Day..” I have continued: “Oh, and I forgot to tell You, I am so proud of You today Enya, as You have put on one Sock, just by Yourself.” with a slight pause in my Voice: “Enya, I need to tell You, that You surprise me every single Day. You are absolutely amazing. I just wanted for You, to know that. If I forgot to tell You that today, by any Chance..”

Yes, You could say I exaggerated a tiny bit. Just a tiny bit. But what happened, was the trigger Point, the shift in Her Focus..

She started to get interested in what I was doing. She felt great, because I have given Her my Attention, Focus and Appreciation just a Moment ago. Her Brain Hormonal Levels just changed, the Neurochemical Pathways were swept with good Hormones.

There the Magic enrolled.. “Mommy, what is this You are eating?” Me: “Oh, this? This is Broccoli, Enya. It tastes amazing. You can try it, if You want to. Would You?” She stretched her tiny little Hand towards me, and slowly took a Piece of Broccoli. She held it in Her Hands with precaution, and interest. She put it towards Her Mouth, and licked it a bit. I guess Her Thoughts were: “Oh, nothing special here.. I wonder why Mum likes it so much.”

What happened next? She has put the Piece down. She did not want to eat it. What did I do? I ignored it. I offered Her a glass of Water. She accepted. If She wouldn’t.. nothing would change. I’d leave Her do whatever She’d want at that Moment. “Mommy, I’d like to go, and play..” Me: “Without any Problems babe. If You will be hungry, the Broccoli and some other Slices of Veggies will be here, waiting for You. Just don’t forget to tell me, when You are hungry. Deal? Can I count on You Enya?” Her: “Of course, Mommy! You can count on me.” as She went away, to play in the Living Room.

Have I mentioned, that this was a Dialogue with a 2 Year old Child? They do amaze. You just have to stop for a while to see it, feel it, and sense it.

How long did this “Preparation of the Food, and Introduction Process take? Ten whole minutes for me to prepare the steamed Broccoli, a few Pieces of other sliced Vegetables, and the whole 5 Minutes at the Table.

Yes, You’ve read it correctly. The whole five Minutes at the Table. Important five Minutes. Her awareness of Broccoli, and some other Vegetables, was connected with good Vibes from feeling appreciated. There is not much more You can do, when manipulating with their Brain Chemistry.

Less is more. The connection was established. What to do next, from a scientific Point of View? Repeat it. Again, and again, and again. Simple. The most powerful Things in Life are pure and simple.

The Lines above are from The iEat Book, which is a scientifically, and experimentally based Guide, where we are going through 10 Rules You need to keep in Mind, when You are trying to introduce Healthy Food Options to Your Child.

We are also addressing different Psychological, and Nutritional Requirements Your Child has, based on Your Child’s Age, as You begin with the Introduction. The main Point is: “The quicker You start, less trouble You will have.”

A gentle and intelligent Approach, that builds a Connection with Your Child, rather a disconnected Relation where: “Because I’ve said so!” and “Eat it, it’s healthy for You.” is the Sense behind the Book, You will hold in Your Hands someday in the Future. Any other possible teaching Techniques, have no Place here.

Believe it or not, I have never said to Enya, she needs to eat something. Would You want to do it, if You were working with me? Would You feel cool, if I would say You need to eat something, because I know it’s good for You?

When I am dealing with You, and Your bad Habits as a Coach, or You are dealing with a Teenager at Home, more explanation is needed of course. Therefore, You are getting all the necessary Guidelines what to do, say and explain when needed. You don’t need to worry about it.

Intrinsic Motivation is the key Component, we are addressing here. You are doing something, because You want to do it, not because You must do it, as someone said it must be done.

Only when You hold someone accountable, and professional enough, You can trust them to give You the Explanation, and Advice needed, to do something You would normally not want to. Correct?

The Bridge lies in the Trust established, while addressing the Internal Motives. Trust is built slowly. At this exact Moment, You are building it through these Lines You are reading, and as You will try them in Practice, You will acknowledge me, for being competent at solving Health related Issues, anyone in Your Family might have. Not before.

The same goes with Your 2 Year old Child, or a Teenager You are trying to connect, or reconnect. It takes Time. Nevertheless, if You take it slowly, and with loads of Fun, and Playfulness, You are guaranteed to succeed. Trust me on this one.

Sometimes going slowly, results in coming faster to Your desired Final Destination.

With the Help of the Articles, and The iEat Book I've written, through Your Guidance of Your Child, You will slowly stop excessively using Cane Sugar, other not so good Sugar Alternatives, Cow’s Milk, White Flour, Gluten, the majority of Allergens, Flavour Enhancements, and one of the unhealthiest Preservatives on the Market. The whole Family of Yours will stop with the excessive use of them. You will get all the “Know How” You will need.

You will get to know the immense World of Healthy Food Options that taste amazing, make You feel great, and look as You have never before. You can trust me on this one too.

What do I suggest from this Moment on? Let’s go on a Journey together. A Journey that will connect or reconnect You with Your Child, and at the End.. It will reconnect You with Your Inner Essence.

What does this mean in practice? Your Child will be delighted to eat all those Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Parsley and other healthy Things, You don’t even know exist.. On the other Hand, You will start to enjoy in tasting, smelling and other interesting Feelings, that are connected, and related to a Meal served at the Table. It will happen at some Point through this Journey of ours.

Remember.. it’s the Journey that matters, not just the final Destination. Nevertheless, our final Destination will be a rewarding one, for sure. For both of us. For You and me.

You have just stepped on a whole new Path of a Healthy Lifestyle, where Discoveries will be related to: “All You already know, and is already inside You.” We just need to enlighten them together.

What have I stepped into? I have stepped into connection with Your Soul. The Book I've written is my Energetic Field, expanded beyond these Lines, touching You. Touching Your Essence. My reward will be in every small Change, You will make after You will read, and reread it. It is here for You. From me to You.

If I will touch Your Soul, and shift Your Mindset, I have succeeded.

“Everything in Life can be achieved. You just need to decide.

This is what I believe in. It is the Universal Truth.

Somewhere along the Way, You will too.”

Angelina A. Rinaldi High Performance Coach Holistic Health Practices

National Academy of Sports Medicine

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Certified Personal Trainer

Spending Time with Your Child is never "spending". It is "investing". Spending Time with Your Child is an Investment.

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