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World in the Claws of Fear

Updated: May 13, 2020

The Internet these Days bursts in the Flames of Fear and Panic. Corona Virus. If You are not one of the Physically affected, or held somewhere in a forced isolation, You sure are touched with the Facts, Thoughts and Predictions what happened, and what still might.

Another Update for Corona Virus?


This will not be one of those Articles that informs You what is going on around the World. Actually ... Written wrong. It will be. But not in a Way You see it on almost all Media Platforms.

The Virus. Corona Virus. What sounded funny or trivial a few Months ago, sounds almost intimidating these past few Weeks. No one could predict it. Apart from those who created it, I guess.

Red and Black World Maps of the Zones affected. Damn. Panic. Should I be afraid as well? Half of Italy is in lock down. Isolation is the new Standard there. Half of the World is on stand by. Corona Virus is the most searched Word on Internet these Days.

Panic. Fear.

Low Vibrational Emotions. Low Vibes, we usually say.

Are we strong, while we feel them? You know the answer. We are not. We are open to suggestions. We are obedient. We listen only to those who do know what the best next thing to do is. We are not in our Energetic Fields. We do not live under our Terms. We can not. It's impossible.

Don't get me wrong, we have to be careful, and follow the basic Guidelines that protect us from spreading the Thing, nevertheless we do not want to be in the State of Fear. Not all the Time. Not even close to that.


"Trust the Universe, but lock Your car." is how they say.

When You locked Your Car, there is no need to live in an constant "observer Mode". Does it make sense? We have to trust.

Trust is the basic Concept, the Basis of every single Thing on Planet Earth. If People would not trust the Monetary System, they would all come to the Banks and withdraw their Money. You know what follows? Collapse. The World Monetary System collapses.

Find Yourself.

Therefore, instead of rereading the major Media Headlines all the Time, and feeling the Fear of Fear, start doing the Things You like. Go on a walk in a Forest, dance on Your favourite Song, make Love, read that Book that is waiting for You for the past few Years, and You did not have Time for it ... Do whatever suits You.

I will not go into eating healthy, and how to do it. I will not address the basic Health Guidelines. You know the majority of it. If I'd say You know it all, I would not be far from it.

What I would like to go into is ... finding Yourself. If not now, when is the best Time to stay in connection with what You really want, with what You truly desire. When if not now, tell me?

Life is short. It is. You have to agree with me on this one. Do whatever syncs with You. Do it. Finally. What stops You from it? Could You tell me?

What stops me from living my Life?

Job. I work too much. Children. They are not old enough. Partner. He doesn't understand. Family. They are not supportive. Friends. I don't have any. Corona Virus. I am afraid to go out. And I could go on, and on and on ... the List and the Facts about it, would write another Article. Trust me.

Therefore ... You have You. Am I correct? Do You?

You are right, You do not have Yourself, You do not feel Your true Self, if You live in a constant Fear, focused on the Things primarily around You.

Focus on You.

Yourself. And You. It's were it all starts from.

Your Relation with Your Child, You will feel and understand more if You feel Yourself. Your Relation with Your Partner. You will feel more and understand more, if You feel Yourself. Your Relation with Your Family. You will feel and understand more, If You understand Yourself.

Your Relation with the World. You will see more. You will understand more. You will feel more, if You understand what is going on inside You.

The Answer lies within.

It always does. When You feel relaxed, You touch Things differently. You act differently. You are a different Person. You are stronger.

When You are calm, You see Things more clearly. You can see them from a Distance. And the View from a Distance is never the same, as if You look from the Vicinity.

The View from the Top differs from the one at the Bottom.

Step away. From it all. Go in. Search within. Love Yourself. Find You again. It will bring You closer to every single Thing in this World. Closer.

We are all connected. The sooner You acknowledge that, the better for You.

Therefore, go and have a Relation with Yourself first. Dive deep.

It is the Basis for every single Relation You have.

Sure, be aware of the Things around You. Be precautious. Lock Your Car. No need to check on it every single Second. Read about the Virus, inform Yourself. But then ... go out, start living Your Life.

Angelina A. Rinaldi

High Performance Coach Holistic Health Practices

Published Author

Founder of The Secret of Life, Holistic Health Clinic

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