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You can do Whatever You set Your Mind to

Updated: May 13, 2020

Whatever? Yes, literally whatever. If it doesn't go directly over someone else's Life Needs. 

Easier said than done? Sure. Everything in Life is.

We need a Desire, a Passion that drives us, a Vision, a focused Approach how to get there, and some Action. Focused well planed, targeted Action. This is where the majority of us struggle with Problems.. 

We set to do something, we make a Plan, we are determined to execute it, and then.. Nothing happens. It happened quite a lot of Times to many of us, hasn't it?

How to live a Successful Life

That is why I have to say I am not fond of New Years Resolutions. They never wor for me. Never. They just make me feel good when making them, but when I fail to execute them, I feel deeper than deep. Worthless. Not worth describing, I'd say.

If  we set ourselves to do big Things, and we fail at them, as this is quite a big Possibility, as they are big.. we feel big Dissapointments, big Guilt, Emotions with bigger negative Connotation. Bigger Emptiness. 

Therefore, what I'd suggest would be a simple Solution.. Make small Steps. The smallest possible. The smaller, the better.

Why? If they are really small, and not at all hard to do, You will do them. On Daily Basis. Did You read correctly? On Daily Basis. Daily..

Small easy Steps over Time, make Habits. These Habits get Your Routine. Your Routine becomes Your LifeStyle. 

Your LifeStyle generates Your Mind Strength, Cell Vibrance, Youth, and Health. Your LifeStyle determines Your overall Life Success in all Areas.

The Chain is as strong as it's weakest Part. Remember that. If You keep forgetting about one small Aspect Day after Day, about Your Food, Mindset or Physics, something will be missing.  

Don't forget about the above Lines.. You do not need to start with all at once. It sounds overwhelming. It actually is. Don't do that. Start with one simple small Thing. One. 

Stillness and successful Life

As an Example.. Let's say start with.. 10 conscious Breath INs per Day. Anytime You remember. If You have to, set a Reminder. Yes, a Reminder. Sounds funny to have a Reminder for conscious breathing? Mhm.. sad. But literally a Reality. Mine also. I still need it.

The next one.. drink one lukewarm Glass of Water first Thing in the Morning. Just one. Nothing more.  

Do You want to have more Tips on what to do, in order to stay or become Healthy, Vibrant, Youthful, Focused, and Driven? I'll share them some other Day. I promise. When Your breathing, and drinking come into Your Blood. Deal?

Small Things matter.

Happy Life

Just.. Don't forget to dream big. I'll help You execute it. With focused specific Action, and correct Mindset. Nevertheless what Your Life Goals are.

..and smile, it heals Your Soul. The Soul that will receive Your Smile, will start healing as well. 

Trust me.

Angelina A. Rinaldi High Performance Coach

Holistic Health Practices

National Academy of Sports Medicine

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Certified Personal Trainer

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